The Talented Fellowship is an incubator for exemplary minority leadership in Columbia. The goal of the program is to build and nurture talent in all segments of the Columbia community.


The Fellowship is a series of sessions for 10 leaders who are selected each year from a pool of candidates. Over a year, the Fellows meet together during 7 sessions. The discussions cover varied topics such as leadership, political engagement, education, arts and culture, economic development, finance, and environment and tourism. Each Fellow is assigned a mentor to help cultivate their leadership skills.


Each class is selected by a review committee seeking diversity among minority candidates in profession, socioeconomic background, interest, age, and perspective. Candidates must be 21 years of age. Each one is successful, active or seeking to be active in his or her community. Most importantly, they all have a passion for seeing progress in Columbia.


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Please submit applications to Sam Johnson at spjohnson@nexsnpruet.com. Tuition for the program is $50.

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